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Introducing The Handoff: The Ultimate Guide for Design Bootcamp Graduates

Learn about why our team founded The Handoff and how we help bootcamp graduates get their first job in UI or UX design.

Introducing The Handoff, a set of online resources and guides focused on helping design bootcamp graduates land their first job and succeed in it as well.

The inspiration behind starting The Handoff is knowing first-hand the confusion and frustration that many bootcamp graduates face after they finish their program. After interviewing and helping out dozens of bootcamp graduates over the past several years, we’ve heard the same issues over and over again – lack of experience, not enough projects to show off my work, and struggling to find a job.

Our hope is that the resources here will help junior and entry-level designers learn what they need to do to stand out to employers amongst the sea of applicants.

The term “handoff” originated from sports such as football and track and field relay races, which rely heavily on coordination between different members of a team. As a designer, part of your job is work to satisfy different stakeholders every single day – users, product owners, managers, researchers, customers, and developers.

However, the term also signifies a transition to the next stage or leg of a race. As a bootcamp graduate or a self-taught designer, you need help transitioning to the next phase of your career. Especially with the amount of competition in the market now, you’ll need tips and tricks on standing out from other applicants.

Curated by a core team of designers, we’re all passionate about helping designers level-up their game and make their bootcamps or online courses worth it.

The Handoff is a project that we hope will help reduce this friction and further bridge the gap finishing your bootcamp and landing your first design job.

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About the Handoff

Each year, a record number of bootcamp graduates enter the job market, but have trouble finding their first design job. With so many UI and UX jobs available, how come employers aren’t hiring bootcamp grads?

The Handoff helps grads bridge that gap between graduating from a bootcamp and landing their first offer, and also gives them the tools necessary to succeed in their first job as well.

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