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Determining if a Master's Degree in Design is Right For You

Whether you’re looking to land your first design job, increase your salary, or gain new skills and knowledge, learn whether a master’s degree is right for you and your career goals.

Master's Degree

Want to learn if a master’s degree is right for you?

In this free guide, we run through 6 different reasons why you might want to get a master’s degree and 11 different factors to consider as you decide on your program. These questions will help you decide on the return on investment of an advanced degree and whether it’s worth your time and your money.

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About the Handoff

Each year, a record number of bootcamp graduates enter the job market, but have trouble finding their first design job. With so many UI and UX jobs available, how come employers aren’t hiring bootcamp grads?

The Handoff helps grads bridge that gap between graduating from a bootcamp and landing their first offer, and also gives them the tools necessary to succeed in their first job as well.